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Salt + Still is a line of jewelry and quilts.

That may seem like an odd combination, but it makes perfect sense. There's duality and balance. 

Jewelry design requires thinking in a sculptural, three-dimensional way. It's important to consider how the piece will interact with the body and clothing. The metal used is hard, it's formed and hammered by hand. It's physical and freeing to work with. Jewelry is one special piece that will transform the way someone feels. 

Quilts, on the other hand, are about two-dimensional composition. The front, the back, stitching and binding - there are many elements that have to work together. Quilts are soft and tactile, they are focused and laborious to create. Quilts are one special piece, beautiful and functional, that can transform the home. 

The name Salt + Still is a tribute to water, an ingredient that is elemental to the natural dye process. Inspiration is drawn from the mountains, the sea, traditions both old and new, and the love of natural magic. 

About Alison Charli Smith

Alison Charli Smith is the designer behind Salt + Still. She lives in the Hudson Valley - Peekskill, NY to be exact. You can find her large scale stitched artwork at

She has taught workshops with the Textile Arts Center, Drop Forge & Tool and Knit Wit Magazine. Her clients have included Burton Snowboards, Textile Arts Center and LMNOP Creative.