Elin Earrings

Elin Earrings

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Elin Earrings are available in polished bronze or sterling silver. The metal component was first sculpted in wax before being cast in metal. The fringe is naturally dyed in a variety of colors and cut in an arc shape along the bottom.

- Made to order, will ship within 5 business days

- 3” in length

- Sterling silver posts and back

Fringe colors

  • Stone - Silk dyed with walnut

  • Seafoam - Organic cotton/bamboo dyed with osage orange + indigo

  • Ballet - Linen dyed with cutch

  • Indigo - Cotton dyed with indigo

  • Light Ochre - Cotton dyed with yellow onion skins

Part of the Bentwood Collection, the Elin Earrings are inspired by the shapes used in Michael Thonet’s iconic bentwood chairs. Like Thonet’s designs, these pieces have a timeless quality with organic, rounded curves and a sense of movement.

Fringe Color:
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