Hollows Necklace

Hollows Necklace


The Hollows Necklaces are a collection of six one of kind pieces. Each bowl shape was hand carved in wax (picture 4) before being cast directly into sterling silver or brass. There is an organic feel to these handmade necklaces. Necklaces are numbered for selection (picture 3).

Hollows range in size from 3/8” to 3/4” and chain length is approximately 17”. Sterling silver hollows come on a sterling chain and lobster clasp. Brass hollows come on a 14k gold fill chain and lobster clasp.

Backstory: I was inspired to make the Hollows Necklaces while trail running. On the trail I find I can unload negative feelings, anger or annoyances that have been bogging me down. I like to think when you remove those negative feelings it leaves a space for positive thoughts and ideas to fill. The Hollows Necklace is a reminder to carve out that space for yourself and leave behind the things that don’t serve you so the positive can flow in.

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