Hollows Necklace

Hollows Necklace

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The Hollows Necklace features a 1/2” round pendant that was hand carved in wax and cast in sterling silver or bronze. There is an organic feel to these handmade necklaces.

- Made to order, will ship within 10 business days

- Chain length is 18” Sterling silver hollows come on a sterling chain and lobster clasp. Bronze hollows come on a 14k gold fill chain and lobster clasp.

Backstory: I was inspired to make the Hollows Necklaces while trail running. On the trail I can unload negative feelings, anger or annoyances that have been bogging me down. I think when you remove those negative feelings it leaves a space for positive thoughts and ideas to fill. The Hollows Necklace is a reminder to carve out that space for yourself so the positive can flow in.

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