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Jersey City, NJ



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About Salt & Still 

Salt & Still is the creative studio of Alison Charli Smith, a textile artist specializing in natural dyes and sashiko style stitching. 

Salt & Still produces handmade goods created with natural plant + insect based dyes and fibers like cotton, linen, silk and wool. All pieces are designed, dyed, and crafted in small batches, making them truly one of a kind. 

The name Salt & Still is a tribute to water, an ingredient that is elemental to the natural dye process. Inspiration is drawn from the mountains, the sea, traditions both old and new, and the love of natural magic. 

By purchasing any Salt & Still piece, you are making a sustainable choice and supporting a handmade business. 

Salt & Still is based out of the Hudson Valley.



Natural Dye Process

Salt & Still only uses plant and insect based dyes, no chemicals. The natural dye process is long, often spanning days, and takes a great amount of care and patience. 

The indigo vat used by Salt & Still is also entirely natural, and does not utilize any chemicals. 


Handmade Pieces  

The pieces in the Shop Handmade section are all entirely hand-crafted from start to finish. Salt & Still does not use any outside production or factories. Every component of my handmade pieces is done in-studio - from the textile selection and design to dyeing, sewing, photography, and shipping. 

Vintage Pieces  

Salt & Still believes in slow and sustainable fashion. For this reason, I often hand select vintage pieces made with natural fibers to be dyed, stitched, and ultimately given a second life.