Canyon Quilt

Canyon Quilt


This one of a kind quilt is inspired by the canyons and deserts of California. 

The fabric used is a mix of 100% linen and a cotton/linen blend that has all been dyed by hand using plant-based dyes including cutch, quebracho, walnut and iron. Read more about the natural dye process here

The quilt is throw sized (approx 58" x 58") and makes a great accent piece or wall hanging. It has a medium weight cotton batting. 

The quilt is machine pieced (the patchwork is machine sewn) and hand quilted (all visible stitches are done by hand) with a natural color cotton sashiko thread. The linen binding is hand sewn as well. 

Professional cleaning or hand washing in a tub with a pH neutral detergent and laying flat to dry are recommended. 

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