Cardinal Quilt

Cardinal Quilt


The Cardinal Quilt is a one-of-a-kind throw sized piece, approx 58 in x 59 in (5ft x 5ft). The four sawtooth stars are made with pieces of fabric left over from other projects. Repurposing remnant pieces is one way the studio stays as close to zero waste as possible. 

The stars of the quilt have reds and pinks from fabric dyed with natural materials like madder root, quebracho and cochineal. There are so many subtle shifts in color - it really shows the array of shades you can achieve with natural dyes. The grey behind the stars is a soft medium weight linen dyed with walnut and the earthy pinks outlining the star blocks is a quebracho dyed medium weight linen. 

The back of the quilt is a mixed patchwork of grey and pink linens from fabric dyed with walnut, iron salts and quebracho. 

The front and back of the quilt were machine pieced, meaning the patchwork is machine sewn. The quilting, meaning the stitches running throughout, were entirely done by hand with cotton sashiko thread. The sashiko thread is a pale grey, dyed in studio with walnut and iron salt. Hand quilting is a very laborious and time consuming process but the impact of the hand stitches cannot be mimicked with a machine. 

The binding is multcolored linen and was also sewn by hand. 

The quilt has 100% cotton batting which gives it a nice weight for spring. It is a functional quilt but would be best suited as a decorative piece - a wall hanging, bed cover or accent piece for furniture. 

Care: Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. To clean light dust, cover the hose of a vacuum with a nylon stocking or use the soft brush attachment to gently vacuum the quilt. Professional cleaning is recommended if a deeper clean is necessary. 

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