Indigo Log Cabin Quilt

Indigo Log Cabin Quilt


This one-of-a-kind quilt is made of cotton/linen blend textile that has been hand dyed in a natural, chemical-free, indigo vat. The different shades of blue correspond to the number of times the textile was dipped in the vat. To achieve dark indigo can take upwards of six dips. 

The pattern of the quilt is a traditional motif called log cabin that dates back to the 1860's. 

The quilt was machine pieced and quilted by hand with indigo dyed cotton sashiko thread. The binding is hand stitched as well. 

It is a throw sized quilt which is approx 58" x 59" 

This piece has been pre-washed and is ready to ship. The quilt can be cared for by hand washing in a tub with a gentle detergent and drying flat. 

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