The Louise Quilt

The Louise Quilt


This one-of-a-kind quilt is inspired by the fabric works of artist Louise Bourgeois. 

The quilt is twin sized (72in x 84in) and took over 45 hours to construct. 

The front of the quilt features star blocks made of vintage striped cotton fabric, natural indigo on Essex cotton/linen and periwinkle/grey shades on Essex cotton/linen made from logwood and iron. Over five yards of fabric was dyed with logwood to create this quilt. Both the logwood and indigo fabrics were dyed by hand, in studio. 

The back of the quilt features a mixed patchwork of indigos, stripes and logwood dyed fabric. 

The front and back of the quilt were machine pieced, meaning the patchwork is machine sewn. The quilting, meaning the stitches running throughout, were entirely done by hand with cotton sashiko thread. Hand quilting is a very laborious and time consuming process but the impact of the hand stitches cannot be mimicked with a machine. 

The binding is a mix of indigo and striped fabric and was also sewn by hand. 

The quilt has 100% wool batting which makes it very warm and gives it a nice weight. 

This quilt is functional but can also be displayed as a piece of art. 

The quilt can be cared for by hand washing in a tub with a gentle detergent and drying flat or on a line or the quilt can be professionally cleaned. This piece should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. 

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